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The Hospitalist Program at North Adams Regional Hospital
A hospitalist is a doctor who specializes in caring for patients in the hospital. These doctors do not have an office practice. At North Adams Regional Hospital, hospitalists are general internal medicine physicians. Some of them may have additional subspecialty training. Internal medicine doctors are trained to diagnose and treat disease in adults. Download our brochure to read more and see pictures of our hospitalists.
What About My Regular Doctor?
When you require specialized care, such as cardiology treatment, your primary care doctor might refer you to a cardiologist. In the same way, your doctor might refer you to a hospitalist when you need hospital care. During your hospital stay, you will be seen by one of a team of hospitalists. You will see your regular doctor soon after you leave the hospital.
Hospitalists Provide Many Benefits to You and Your Doctor:
Hospitalists keep a close eye on you.
In case of an emergency, your hospitalist is never very far away. That’s because they work in the hospital and will see you more than once a day if needed. Your hospitalist may also call in other specialists when it is appropriate for your hospital care. Hospitalists assist you through a smooth and speedy recovery process by following up on tests and adjusting your treatment throughout the day based on those test results.
Hospitalists answer your family’s questions.
Hospitalists are here to provide the answers in person whenever possible. During critical and stressful moments, they provide honest and considerate answers to your questions. Since Hospitalists are in the hospital 24 hours a day, they are more available to speak to you and your family about your care.
If you would like to speak to your hospitalist, ask your nurse to page the doctor.
Because Hospitalists are in the hospital all day, your doctor can spend more time in the office. This will make it easier for his or her regular patients to be seen quickly, and will help reduce delays and interruptions for the doctor in the office.
For many patients and physicians, working with a hospitalist team is good for everyone. Primary care doctors can be more available to patients in the office. Patients in the hospital have a doctor there when they need them the most - right there, in the building, to answer questions or adjust medication as needed.
How Does the Hospitalist Know About Me?
Your hospitalist team will talk to your primary care doctor frequently. They are both members of the NARH Medical Staff. When you come to the hospital, your primary care doctor or an emergency room doctor will call the hospitalist. Together they will discuss your condition and treatment plan. Your regular doctor will send over your records to provide as much information as possible about your illness. The process is like what happens when you see a specialist for another opinion or for additional test and treatment.
While you are at the hospital, your hospitalist and your regular doctor may talk further regarding your treatment. When you leave the hospital, your hospitalist will call your primary care doctor to discuss further treatment needs, arrange follow-up, and prescribe medications. He or she will also send your hospital records to your primary care doctor.
The NARH Hospitalists also provide consultative coverage to patients and their primary care physicians at night. This means that your doctor may choose to care for you in the hospital on a daily basis, but if a problem arises at night, your doctor might ask the hospitalist on duty to evaluate your situation. Your regular physician will follow-up with you the next day.
Hospitalists as Consultants
Often other specialists, such as surgeons, admit patients who may then benefit from Internal Medicine consultation. Your doctor may choose one of the Internal Medicine physicians on our medical staff or may choose to call the Hospitalists group for this consultation.
What Happens When I Leave the Hospital?
Your hospitalist team sends the details about your hospital stay to your primary care doctor as soon as possible. Because of this, your doctor should be able to see you and answer any questions in the office. If you have questions, it's best to call your primary care doctor first. However, if you have questions about your treatment program after you leave the hospital and before you see your primary care physician you may call 413-664-5000. This will put you in touch with the hospitalist care manager who can reach one of the hospitalist team physicians.

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