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The therapists at North Adams Regional Hospital have been helping residents of the Northern Berkshires stay as healthy and as functional as possible for over a quarter of a century. Many people have needed rehabilitation services in order to overcome an injury, illness or accident.

Rehab has become part of the treatment plan for people who have sustained sports injuries, work-related injuries, accidental injuries (motor vehicle accidents, etc), repetitive motion injuries, fractures, sprains, strains, hand and wrist injuries, and for many types of surgeries.

NARH rehabilitative services also have a major role in the primary treatment of acute and chronic neck and back problems, stroke rehabilitation, cardiopulmonary conditions, neurological dysfunction and in school-based rehabilitation. With proper follow-up care, therapy can decrease pain, and increase strength as well as mobility, balance, and functional capabilities, helping the patient return to work or to a normal level of everyday function at a much faster pace. In the school systems, therapy can help the child overcome or adjust to developmental delays, autism, cerebral palsy, and sensory integration dysfunction.

North Adams Regional Hospital offers the services of nine physical therapists/assistants, seven occupational therapists/assistants, and two speech therapists. For a full description of what each of these therapies cover, please click on the links at the left.

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