About Us

The history of Northern Berkshire Healthcare:

NBH was founded in 1984 as Northern Berkshire Health Systems (NBHS), although some of the members of today's healthcare family existed for many years before (NARH since 1885; the Visiting Nurse Association since 1911).  NBHS was created to address the growing need for integration among healthcare providers.

The first members of NBHS were NARH, Northern Berkshire Comprehensive Care (known commonly as CompCare, providing visiting nurse services), Northern Berkshire Realty, and Northern Berkshire Microsystems.  The free-standing Visiting Nurse Association & Hospice of Northern Berkshire merged with CompCare and became part of NBHS in 1997.

REACH Community Health Foundation was created in 1998 to foster efforts to improve community health status.

Sweet Brook Care Centers and Sweetwood in Williamstown joined the NBHS family in 1999, the result of an effort to retain local governance over the area's premier skilled nursing center and continuing care retirement community. [Sweet Brook and Sweetwood were later sold by NBH in August, 2010.]

The parent corporation's name was changed in January 2005 by a vote of the Board of Corporators to Northern Berkshire Healthcare.

Northern Berkshire Healthcare Physicians Group (NBHPG) was formed in 2008 and includes the medical practices Northern Berkshire Family Medicine, Northern Berkshire OB/GYN, and Northern Berkshire General Surgery.