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The REACH Community Health Foundation is the health education arm of Northern Berkshire Healthcare. REACH is dedicated to improving the health of residents of Northern Berkshire County, located in the northwestern corner of Massachusetts. REACH accomplishes this through an array of initiatives in disease prevention, health education, health promotion activities and various health screenings.
Through active collaboration both with the broader community and within Northern Berkshire Healthcare, REACH moves the community toward a greater awareness of health and toward achieving a healthier community in which to live.
All programs are grant funded.   REACH oversees the following important public health initiatives:
  1. Get Fit: promotes physical fitness and good nutrition as a way to reduce the obesity crisis and lower rates of preventable diseases like heart disease and diabetes. The program includes community walking programs, public education, special events, and nutrition and fitness programs in the schools, senior lifestyle initiatives and advocacy for a healthier lifestyle.
  2. REACH for Breast Health: promotes preventive screening and offers care navigation, education, and support services for women diagnosed with breast cancer and other cancers.
  3. North Star Project: provides a quantitative understanding of children’s health status and develops collaborative partnerships around key issues. Current partnerships address pre-natal, baby, and early childhood care, and mental health.
  4. Northern Berkshire Healthy Smiles: offers a sealant program in elementary and middle schools in the Northern Berkshires.
  5. Tobacco Cessation Programs: includes community classes for tobacco cessation, and a program that assists pregnant women and women in the childbearing years in quitting, as well as tobacco use prevention programming in school and community settings.
  6. Horizon: provides education and support services for caregivers of elders and others in need. Horizon also sponsors the Caregiver Lending Library of books and videos housed at the Milne Public Library in Williamstown. The program also recognizes a number of area caregivers at an annual caregiver award ceremony.
  7. Men’s Health Partnership: offers free monthly screenings for men (18+) who either do not have insurance or whose insurance does not cover screenings. Screenings include those for prostate cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and other factors related to heart disease.
For more information about REACH, call 413.664.5326.
REACH Community Health Foundation
Staff Members
Richard T. Palmisano, President and CEO
Patricia Lescarbeau, Administrative Services Manager
(413) 664-5326
Sharon Leary, Outreach & Communications Coordinator
(413) 664-5404
Elizabeth Baldwin, Program Manager
Men’s Health Partnership
(413) 664-5173
Jennifer Civello, Program Manager
QuitLinks Tobacco Program
(413) 664-5567   
Elizabeth Grees & Jennifer Munoz
Program Co-managers
(413) 664-5284
Polly Macpherson, Program Manager
REACH for Breast Health
(413) 664-5170
Ellen J. Bernstein, Chairman
Mary Jo Carpenter, Vice Chairman
Henry J. Pierpan, Clerk
Daniel I. Becker, MD
James Canavan
Carol DeMayo
Nancy Garton
Michael L. Gerrity, MD
Jeffrey Grandchamp
Bruce D. Grinnell
James M. Hunter
James Kolesar
Marcia MacFarlane-Gray
Jack Merselis, MD
Scott Nichols
Richard J. Palmisano
Anthony Smeglin, MD
John Sprague
Martha M. Storey
REACH President and CEO
Richard T. Palmisano
REACH Vice President of Operations
Betty Chludzinski

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